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Corner Bathtubs

Corner Bathtubs - When we move into a new home, usually we have made some compromises regarding certain spaces in it. For example, a house may have perfect size for its bedrooms and living room, but the bathroom is quite smaller than what you want. To make the room spacing more comfortable, there are two available options.

First, you can change the bathroom configuration or room layout by bringing down some walls. Of course, a major reconstruction like that is the one least expected since it requires a lot of work, resources, and cost. Fortunately, you still have a second option: corner bathtubs.
Corner Bathtubs
Corner Bathtubs
To create broader impression inside your small bathroom, you only need to be creative. Think about the changes which can significantly give more extra room. In my opinion, bathtub is the easiest bath equipment to be adjusted in bathroom remodeling.

For example: instead of having separated bathtub and shower in your existing bathroom, it is better to join them together into one unit. Another idea is about where you are going to install the bath units. It is obvious that bathtub unit placement in the bathroom corner will be able to create more space. So, the solution is to choose corner bathtubs instead of common bathtub models.

You can install both corner bathtubs and shower units in your bathroom corner and voila, your bathroom seems not so small anymore. Corner bathtubs are available in so many designs, sizes, colors, and material constructions. Hence, it is not true that with a compact bathroom you cannot enjoy luxurious and comfortable soaking bath.

Besides, you can still utilize the wall above corner bathtubs for additional windows or extra shelves to place your bath products and accessories. Meanwhile, you can install a corner basin, corner cabinet, or corner toilet on other bathroom corners. Corner bathtubs are really great space saver as you need to arrange their placement first before you add in other bath units.

Even though you have a large bathroom, corner bathtubs would still be recommended units as they perfectly fit the modern bathroom interior and way much more stylish than traditional bathtub suites. But since large bathrooms have more benefit than smaller ones, you can freely use your creativity in decorating the room such as arranging unique layout and dimensions, ordering customized corner bathtubs to fit your bathroom design themes, installing bigger corner bathtubs for maximum satisfaction, putting shower curtains for a little privacy, placing some small plants or aromatherapy candles on the wide edges of corner bathtubs which are attached to the wall.

Corner bathtubs are suitable with any bathroom type and size you have in your house. Other benefits you get by installing corner bathtubs are: First, the bathroom interior would appear more orderly and corner bathtubs would keep the bathroom floor dry. Second, it is not only you who love corner bathtubs for relaxation, but also your children. As we all know, kids like to play around while they take a bath, and corner bathtubs are perfect for their pleasure.

Small corner bathtubs are also useful if you have small children who need to be bathed on their early years as they can sit in the tub comfortably. Have you made a decision to get your own corner bathtubs?

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