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Corner Bathtub Dimensions

Corner Bathtub Dimensions - Corner bathtub dimensions are important to consider before you plan to redesign your bathroom by installing corner bathtubs. A correct measurement would optimize your bathroom space usage and layout. If you live in a small condo or apartment, corner bathtub dimensions need to be properly planned to fit the bathroom.

A free bathroom corner with the size about 4 feet would be enough for any corner bathtub dimensions. That is what I like from corner bathtubs. They have compact size with a perfect depth which still enable us to have a relaxing bath.
Corner Bathtub Dimensions
Corner Bathtub Dimensions

You can find so many corner bathtub dimensions selection offered by bathtub manufacturer like American Standard, Kohl er, and many other companies. So it should be easy for you to get the proper corner bathtub dimensions and model to be attached into your bathroom. The initial step that is needed to be done is measuring your bathroom corner space as a beautiful design and the best value price do not matter much if you cannot get the suitable corner bathtub dimensions.

Usually the standard corner bathtub dimensions you must ensure are five feet for both wall sides. If you have five feet free area on your side wall measured from the corner, then any length of corner bathtub should be fit enough. Do not forget to measure the heights of the two wall on that corner sides too so you can estimate the suitable bathtub depth.

For some extraordinary models (like five sided corner bathtub, bow front corner bathtub, or customized bathtub shape), there are various corner bathtub dimensions to be considered as they may require more wall or floor space. However, custom corner bathtubs usually cost higher than the standard models.

You can get corner bathtubs at the nearest bathroom fixtures store or you can also buy online. For online purchasing, the corner bathtub dimensions and pictures are usually stated on the seller websites hence you can be sure the bathtub will fit in your bathroom before you order it. Also consider about the space under your bathroom floor as sunken bathtub needs some ground depth for installation. Comparing prices and available corner bathtub dimensions among bathtub online vendors is also easier, so you should be able to find affordable and best value corner bathtubs collection.

And think about what features you would like to have in your bathtub such as shower head, armrest, water jets, underwater lighting, etc. If you are a tall person or just simply want a whirlpool or jetted corner bathtub, you should choose corner bathtub dimensions with deeper height to prevent the dripping water to the bathroom floor each time you soak in the tub. Deep corner bathtubs sometimes have bigger corner bathtub dimensions which could take up to 7 feet on one wall side. While the smallest corner bathtub dimensions is about 4 feet for both wall sides.

The last thing to be remembered, some tub models have two different corner bathtub dimensions: one is the wall measurement of the bathtub and another one is the installed bathtub measurement. Make sure you have accurate calculation of corner bathtub dimensions before you buy one to give your bathroom the proportional and nicely designed layout. It would be a perfect small heaven for your relaxation. 

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