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48 Corner Bathtub

48 corner bathtub is absolutely a bathtub model to be considered whenever you want to rearrange your bathroom. Compared to the conventional bathtub, 48 corner bathtub only takes less space. The bathtub placement on the corner would most likely create more space on the center part which result in a slightly wider bathroom impression. 48 corner bathtub also can enhance your bathroom decoration. A suitable style and color of 48 corner bathtub can give a leverage effect to the bathroom, leaves you with more satisfaction every time you use it for relaxation.
48 Corner Bathtub
48 Corner Bathtub
When it comes to choose 48 corner bathtub, there are so many available shapes and colors to be picked. 48 corner bathtub with a built in seat may be a suitable bathtub if you want to use it for relaxation. Or you might want to spend more time lying inside your 48 corner bathtub if you have it with whirlpool or water jet.

Meanwhile, you can play with the bathtub shapes if you want a bit artsy. You can choose a round quarter or a square quarter shape of 48 corner bathtub for a more standard model. Or you may prefer other shapes like heart shaped or oval 48 corner bathtub for more stylish edges. There are also some 48 corner bathtub designs which would fit for a couple bath, just in case you want to spend time for a romantic soaking with your loved one. You can opt for a walk in type of 48 corner bathtub too. It all depends on your taste.

If you are still wondering about a perfect 48 corner bathtub for your bathroom, just go to the bathroom appliances store or browse on the internet for some different shapes, types, and colors to find the suitable 48 corner bathtub. You do not want to buy a 48 corner bathtub only to find out later that it makes your bathroom floor look too fully occupied, do you?

Searching online for 48 corner bathtub might give you some advantages as you have time and freedom to compare the prices and models from various websites. You can switch among so many sites to get the best deal and find an ideal 48 corner bathtub. Usually, 48 corner bathtub has a fuller volume and deeper base compared to a standard bathtub. To make a satisfactory final purchasing of 48 corner bathtub, you may want to consider these things:

Do you prefer straight front, angled front, hexagonal, or round front shape? Some 48 corner bathtub shapes like hexagonal, angled front, and round front may need more bathroom floor space. But straight front 48 corner bathtub would be a perfect choice for you who prioritize space saving.

Which is suitable 48 corner bathtub platform: Recessed or Freestanding? The recessed 48 corner bathtub platform would take some amount of space under the bathroom floor to sink into, hence might not fit for every bathroom. But a freestanding 48 corner bathtub attached to a platform on your bathroom floor surface, so it will fit the compact space well.

What is your 48 corner bathtub material? The material selection for 48 corner bathtub varied from acrylic, cast iron, fiberglass, a composite between acrylic or fiberglass, and Americast (this material is used from American Standard Company). Get more details about these materials by reading their description from the manufacturer.

What variation or additional built in units you need in your 48 corner bathtub? Maybe it is a bathtub for two, built in neck or head rest, seat, shower unit, or recliner lounge. Find your own 48 corner bathtub style and feel free to browse around!

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